Ghosting Crackbook

Hello to the nobodies that aren't reading this blog! When and if you ever get here, just know that I'm fading away from the addiction that is Crackbook. Hopefully, within a month or so, all of my inner circle will have jumped away from the evil that is a social networking site. 

Truthfully, I was just using it to post funny poems or stories, and I'm so tired of being poked. And asked to be a cyber bartender. Or, asked to join a mob, web-based feudal system, vampire war, etc. I'm not interested in meeting new people, but keeping up with the people I already know. Thus, the severe lack of need for a social networking profile. Who am I trying to network with? (My apologies to prepositions everywhere.)

Monday, I passed a girl that I'd taken Research Methods with a few years back. Her name is Jamie. I only know her name is Jamie, because she'd added me as a Crackbook friend those years ago. However, I've never spoken to her outside of that classroom, and most certainly never cared to chat her up on Crackbook. Though, she'd attempted to add me to innumerable groups, causes, and applications. Applications which, of course, need access to all of your personal information before they'll let you, say, begin killing off the Justice League or flirting with the 2 anonymous people that have clicked yes to you. (And who in the hell put up a Click Yes to Don button, anyways? I know I didn't.) So, she passes me on the stairway Monday, and we don't even look at one another. I just happened to notice that it was her, then, later, I noticed pictures she'd taken on her Christmas/New Year's vacation were on my Crackbook's homepage. 

Now, I realize that an arbitrary friend or two is one thing, but it's a different experience with all the applications and such.

All that to say this: I'm slowly leaving Facebook. Hopefully, within a month or so, I can close the account down - perhaps with the exception of keeping track of close friends that live states and thousands of miles away. 

So, Goodbye Crackbook, and hello Blogosphere!


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