Of course, I am now the ass.

This didn't take long.

So I'm going to Advanced Writing - which isn't pretentious enough - and there's this guy that sits behind me who sees my Juvenile Services shirt. He asks if I'm a Criminal Justice major, to which I respond affirmatively. Well, that set him off. 

He'd apparently not had enough of the Criminal Justice Kool-Aid, because he began tearing apart the CJ department as a whole. As it turns out, he had failed to turn in his first paper for Dr. Pang's class on Law and Society on time...by 12 hours. She, thusly, failed him with a grade of 0. He felt this was profoundly unfair, and let me know it. (He had the mistaken idea that I care.) He made the claim that a 59 is a failing grade, and that it was a lot better than a 0. Good point, but still, it fails to claim responsibility for his own shortcoming.

After 5-7 minutes of his diatribe, I turned around and said, "Look. It's called responsibility. If you couldn't get your paper done on time, then you deserved the grade you got. You had the prerogative to draft, edit, and finish your assignment for class, and you failed to do so. She has the prerogative to fail you for not doing the work. You even admitted to doing the work after class ended. Next time, try getting your homework done, and learn your lesson!"

Well, as in any good dramedy, the professor walked in at that moment to announce that he was ready to pass back our papers that we'd turned in on Tuesday. But, before he would return them, he wanted us all to know that there was a gem in the bunch. This gem exhibited perfect examples of allusion, anecdote, and was profuse with impeccable grammar. Who wrote the epitome of expository papers? Don Martin! 

That's right. Now, not only was I the jerk who tells of the guy for not doing his homework, I'm the guy who made the highest grade in class and gets called out in front of the whole class for it. He then proceeded to blow up all 4 pages of my paper on screen and read every word, being sure to point out particularly shining examples of this writing term or that.

Normally, I would soak this up, but today I really felt like an ass. 

Somebody give me an apple...I need to start polishing!


Love and Light,

Fire Lyte


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