Fun with Fundies!

I take a Comparative Religious Philosophy course, and it has become infected with a being known as Fundie. Fundie is a rather pudgy, socially awkward creature that uses various misunderstood Bible verses to brow-beat and otherwise belittle the class' inhabitants and its professor. Fundie stops at nothing, and refuses to back down. Fundie, apparently, doesn't realize that he is taking a Comparative Religious Philosophy course in which one Compares Religions!

So, this guy for weeks now has been berating the professor concerning his c
hoice in textbook, subject matter, and differing ideology. The students that speak up in class get talked down to, because we dare to discuss something that isn't explicitly stated in the Bible - a book, I'm sure, he's yet to actually read all the way through. While discussing Siddhartha Fundie downplayed the historical and religious significance of the text, all the while making those of us that enjoyed its teachings feel as though we were sinners worthy of a bus ticket to hell. During discussions on Hinduism, Fundie reared his ugly head again, claiming that none of what we were discussing had any merit whatsoever because the Bible doesn't talk about it.

Well, the Bible, too, is a flawed text that doesn't have the answer for 100% of life's questions, sir. While there is much beauty, poetry, and wisdom to be found, there are texts and spiritual teachings that have been around for hundreds, sometimes thousand
s, of years longer than Christianity's flagship textbook.

Being raised Christian, I can understand the intricacies and joy that can be found in this religion, and in its Holy Book. However, I also love learning about new religions. Now, I'm not saying that I'm all bonkers over the beliefs of that religion now, I can still appreciate them from a distance. This guy, however, cannot see past his own nose when it comes to a differing idea of God(dess), faith, life, or anything else remotely spiritual. If he wasn't taught it in Southern Baptist Sunday School, then it doesn't exist, and you'll burn for learning about it.

I'm just glad my Lord and Lady aren't this judgmental. I've heard the phrase "fear of God" several times. I don't understand why someone would fear God. I love God...and Goddess. I am wrapped up in their affection and warmth. I just don
't see why someone would come from a place of fear concerning religion of any kind. Any faith that requires fear is not for me, and should be re-evaluated.

Can you say Burning Times? The Crusades? Anyone...?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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