Fun with Slackers!

So, I'm stuck working in master control for the first half of my workday today. Master control is pretty much what you'd think it is, and less... I sit behind 3 enormous switchboards - that don't work for shit - and open doors. You got it. I am a glorified doorman. Not even a glorified doorman. Doormen (is that politically incorrect? I'm sorry... Doorpeople) get a shiny maroon uniform, and get to be a funny foil for a story's protagonist. I'm just a button pusher.

Anywho, a probation officer calls up and asks for some information on the kid, as he's in the field and didn't come prepared. I looked up the kid and found that no information had been put in the computer - with the exception of his name and the crime committed. The conversation went a little something like this:

He asked, "Do you have the school he goes to?"
"Well, Why not?"
"I suppose that your Case Aide [an assistant] didn't put the information into the computer."
"Ok, well can you just give me his phone number so I can call him?"
"Actually, that's not in here, either. Whoever has current possession of the folder didn't put anything in the computer."
"Well, I don't know anything about this kid! Who has possession of the folder?"
I look that up.
"Umm... You do. It says it's specifically in your office."
"Well who the hell put that in there?"
I said, "According to did."

"Aww crap! Don't tell anybody I did that."

Sure!!!! :)

Sometimes, other people make poking fun at them FAR too easy!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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