Quiz Results from Psychology of Love Relationships

So, we took this quiz in my Psychology of Love Relationships class, and here are my results:

I am an EXPLORER/builder.

About my personality type: You have a great deal of energy and vitality. You are curious, creative and resilient. You have many interests; and you find pleasure in doing and thinking about all sorts of things.

You tend to be optimistic, seeing the world as a place of adventure-- physical, intellectual or both. You seek first-hand experiences. And when you embark on a project or expedition, you like to be organized, thorough and responsible.

You enjoy the pleasures of the senses, yet you are firmly grounded in reality and live in the here and now. You can be charming and charismatic; and you sometimes like to surprise those you love with generous presents.

You also have a clear moral compass and stand up for your beliefs. And in spite of your flexibility and enjoyment of novelty, you have a genuine respect for home, family, work and community. You are conscientious, dependable, cooperative and protective.

In Love and Relationships: 

You are attracted to people who will explore ideas, philosophies, cities and/or the natural world with you. You like spontaneous, curious risk-takers like yourself. And you want a partner who shares your live-and-let-live attitude. But you also need someone who is eager to help you build strong family and community ties. You are interested in sex; sexual compatibility is an important part of your primary relationship. Although you like to spend your money, you admire frugal people and believe in saving-except when an appropriate adventure comes along. And you seek a partner who is pragmatic, who shares your view of duty and tradition and whom you regard as moral and cooperative. Yet he or she has to have your level of energy and curiosity too.

Relating to Others: 
You have a keen sense of humor and a great many interests-so people gravitate to you. You are also savvy at managing and handling others. And because you are broad-minded, adaptable and playful, as well as dependable and loyal, you can be an exciting yet stable and dedicated friend and colleague.

Things to Be Aware of:

Don't assume someone isn't funny just because they don't display their sense of humor instantly.
You can be so charming that you can get into a relationship too fast. Honor your natural caution and go slowly.
Explorers and Builders rarely indulge in self-analysis and they can hide their emotions. Let people know how you feel.

So... What do you think? Does it describe me? Or, is it just another crap personality test.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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