24 Ours

The show 24 is reportedly going carbon neutral. They're not recycling the bullets fired or squibs exploded, no. They're buying carbon off-sets. These little diddys allow wealthy individuals to sleep better at night. Basically, it's like Arbor Day year round, but with guilt and millions of dollars.

Those with money buy sections of land that is used to plant trees, or otherwise purchase some sort of "green" energy-producing thing. Some purchase windmills, etc. However, first they perform various calculations to figure out how much carbon-killing they're actually doing, and then buy enough green energy to "off-set" that amount. It doesn't change the fact that they're killing trees or putting awful, destructive chemicals in the air. But, it allows them to sleep at night. It's kind of like a pregnant woman killing someone and then immediately having her baby. It makes things "equal," but not really.

Now, I'm not saying I'm some sort of pseudo-psychotic-violent acitivist guy that thinks Hollywood is a terrible, destructive entity. Quite the opposite. I love TV and movies. I am really a media junkie. The actors and crew do a lot to make America, and by extension the world, aware of various forward-thinking ideas: i.e. gay marriage, going green, etc. All wonderful things. But, I think it's strange when we're content to off-set our sins of the Earth, instead of actually trying to make things better.

Don't use more Earth friendly materials, or scale back the manufacturing of plastics for media cases, or even just change out all the light bulbs. No... Let's plant a tree and feel better.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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