The Definition of Insanity

I used to think that the definition of insanity was that colloquialism about doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I'd like to add a caveat to that: the definition of insanity is also doing something with wild disregard to the consequences of your actions.

The new millennium's MENSA candidates - aka teenagers -  have gotten the exceedingly brilliant idea to smuggle their various medications to one another. Now, kids today are on everything ranging from sleeping pills and vicodin, to medication for bipolar disorder and anti-psychotics. They're potentially very dangerous medications, and I learned today some local kids are giving each other these medications. I'm almost shocked and awed that none of them have ended up in the hospital having their stomach pumped. (Perhaps a little disappointed, too, as that would have been an excellent life lesson!)

What I don't get is why another kid would want someone's medication that's been kept in the space between their lip and cheek, their disgusting socks, or to an even greater extreme...their butts. (Yes, kids stick meds up there hoping nobody will look.) It's DISGUSTING! Though, for a few dozen juvenile drug addicts, I suppose anything for a fix, right?

This all tells me many things about kids today. Namely, that our youth have absolutely no care for their own lives. Any one of those combinations of drugs could have easily made them morbidly ill if not dead. Secondly, I noticed the mob mentality involved in all this. Individually, none of these kids would have done something like this, but coupled with the pressure from 16 other boys... Well, they just fall in line.

It's funny, though. After being caught, one of the kids at the middle of the distribution ring was begging for his "mommy." That just reminds me that at the end of the day, they're still kids. Little boys who deign to be men. Men for whom drug use is recreational and not deserving of caution of care.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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