Getting Through.

As horribly daunting as these 18 hours of schooling are, I'm somehow getting through it. I thank my higher powers, and I know I couldn't do this without Abel. Mid-terms are this week, and I realize that I should be equating mid-terms with the worst of college-related curse words, but I'm actually not that trepidatious about them anymore. I don't fear them. I've allotted myself plenty of study time, and I really feel like I know this stuff. Well, except for Advanced Spanish Grammar. (Again, WHY am I taking that course?!)

Abel and I got iPhones! Well, his will be here either today or tomorrow. It's quickly becoming my outer brain, my third hand. I realize that's pathetic, but I don't care. I think my cyber life would be complete if I could find an application for Blogger.

Oh, I just finished watching What the Bleep Do We Know?. Great film! A little heady, but the second hour is really a New Age hug from liberal, religious/non-religious ideology. It starts off being a very deep discussion on quantum physics, but ends up filling you with hope for this world. Hopefully, enough people will realize soon enough that our thoughts affect our reality. When we do, we will stop addiction, crime, hatred, injustice, lust, persecution, and the whole of Pandora's box.

Though, I think I'd like to keep Hope out of the box. That bright, winged creature makes me all giggly inside.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

P.S. Abel has a job interview today! Big love to him! Send him good thoughts!


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