Lobster Belly

A few days ago, one of our juvenile criminals looked at me as we were going outside for recreation and said, "Mr. Martin, you're really pale. You need a tan."

That did it. I knew I'd lost a lot of color over the winter months, but I hadn't realized just how translucent I'd become. So, I started tanning yesterday. I know that since I chose to start tanning, and since nobody forced me to strip naked and hop in a bed of heat, that I'm completely responsible for the effects..........BUT I AM MISERABLE!!!!!!!!

My skin is completely red. I feel like an alien, a crustacean, or some sort of muppet. I've been rubbing moisturizer on the most raw parts, but I still feel miserable. Feel pity for me.

Love and Lyte (and tan skin!),

Fire Lyte


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