Sorry it's been so long since my last update, but it has really been a busy week.

The Spring Equinox come on Friday, and I could not be happier. This year's Ostara was a complete joy to celebrate, as both Abel and I are eagerly awaiting our move to Chicago. There really could be nothing more pertinent to the Sabbat that honors rebirth and fertility than an upcoming graduation and move to a different state. The possibilities for the two of us are truly endless, and I could not be more thrilled.

I came through the other side of mid-terms pretty unscathed. I made 3 A's and 2 B's. (Though, I think one B was completely undeserved, but I'll take it.) I also utterly procrastinated in reading a book and writing a paper for my Juvenile Delinquency course. So, naturally, I read the book and completed a 16 page report the day before it was due. I really hope I didn't misspell every word in there, as I was finishing it at 3:00 am.

My mother has been rather ill, and I hate that I don't see her that often. Luckily, we could get together this past Friday night to celebrate Abel's birthday! (Oh yes, Abel turned....umm... His birthday was Friday!) Because of this, I got 2 extra days off from work. I am resplendent with rest and comfort. You have no idea how good it felt to spend that time with him and my family after toiling apart from each other for weeks.
So, to Ostara: The briefest of historical explanations for the subject is that it is a modern amalgamation of holy days that occurred around that time throughout the ages. It was celebrate in India, many areas of Europe, the upper parts of Africa, and in certain Native American traditions. The name comes from the virgin, German Goddess of Spring, Eostre - whose name should remind you of a certain Christian holiday. It is a time to celebrate the Gods and Goddesses of death and rebirth myths. Hera, Astarte, Isis, Eostre, Jesus Christ, Aphrodite, and several others are all deities that have been associated with this holiday. This is also a spring holiday! The vernal equinox is on this day, thus the association with balance. It is the first day of spring, and fertility rituals are usually done on this ancient day. Paint eggs, pet a bunny, wear new clothes to celebrate the Teutonic tradition of bringing good luck to your household, and share a wonderful springtime meal with your family!

Below was the altar Abel and I layed out. We painted 3 eggs: one was for me, one was for Abel, and the third was just to give back to the earth with our blessing. All three were buried in the pots in my herb garden. It was joyous.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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