Updates and Birdsongs.

I got a message today from the person in charge of hiring for DuPage County Probation. Unfortunately, they don't want to hire me for a Probation position, but they DO want to hire me (I SAID THEY WANT TO HIRE ME!!!!) for a Detention Officer position. :::sigh::: It's not exactly my first choice of career move - more a lateral slide than vertical promotion - but it pays more, and it's a job. Which, in this economy and time, is a blessing.

On a different note, when I arrived on campu
s this morning the most beautiful music greeted me. I wasn't necessarily in a bad mood, but I was a bit despondent and trepidatious concerning my mid-term grades. However, the song lifted my spirit and made me quite giddy. The source of the latest jam? A mockingbird in a tree right next to my car. I know, right? That's corny and zippidee doo da of me, but it's true. It was an absolutely glorious hymn of springtime, and it got all in me. I sat and listened to the bird for a while - and took a picture for your viewing pleasure. I thanked him for his song, because if you were singing like that for everyone you'd want thanks, too. Then, I went on with my day.

Really, though, it was gorgeous.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Take a look at the top middle/right. Do you see the bird?


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