Ashley Madison

So, I'm watching the View, and a man named Noel Biderman gave a rather uncomfortable interview with the ladies around the table. Mr. Biderman is the CEO of a website company called Before you click to it, let me just describe the point of the whole thing. It is a dating type website for married people. No, not the couple, but an individual partner that wants to have an affair. It is a paid website that individuals go on and pay for credits to talk to other individuals that want to also have an affair.

Now, it's really easy to vilify Mr. Biderman for creating an environment that promotes infidelity, but let's think for a moment. Biderman said in his interview that one of his primary reasons for creating the site was so that people that want to have an affair have a place to go, and are not patrolling singles websites. Speaking as someone who - albeit with a bit of embarrassment - used to be a singles website member, I like the idea of not having to worry about whether the person you're cyber flirting with is married or not. We've all heard the horror stories, or lived them, of a nice girl finding a nice guy, falling in love, only to find out he has a wife and 2 beautiful children back home. So, yeah, what Biderman has created is a bit reprehensible, but there are people that are going to cheat. Why not get them out of the way of people that want to legitimately find love? It's like abortion or the right to buy alcohol. You don't have to do it yourself, but you can appreciate the need for it to exist. Before abortions were allowed, women died from self-performed procedures. I don't drink, but if you want to head down to the liquor store and get a little Schnapps, you go right no ahead.

I'm not going to cheat. I'm ridiculously happy in my relationship. I also remember what it was like to find out that the cutie on the other end of that anonymous screen name wanted to make me his lab experiment - taste the rainbow, like a snack. It would have been a much more fun, less troublesome dating experience had the married guys all been somewhere else.

So, judge the guy, but thank him, too. Something to think about.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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