Car Dealers are Ostriches

So, I'm back. Without getting into too much detail, as I don't really want to jinx anything - which is new for me - I think the interview went really well. The facility is absolutely incredible, and I'd be lucky to work there. *Fingers crossed*

Now, to my snide yet insightful blogging. Lucky for you, in my absence I've been taking notes of things that have rather ticked me off as of late. Thus, there shall be no shortage of blog topics for the next week or so. Rather than having one exorbitantly long blog, it shall be spaced out.

Recently, a commercial has popped up on local television stations from Peltier Nissan, a local car dealership. Amidst the shiny, overpriced trucks and the tuxed up owner spouting off how low his deals are, in big flashing red and yellow letters were the words THERE'S NO RECESSION HERE!!!

Now, one might think that the denial of the country's current economic condition would be less than upsetting, but I highly disagree. I would like to see dealerships, banks, credit card companies, etc. all putting out messages of hope - or at least something slightly in the realm of realism. The reason that this country has backslid into the dregs of economic waste that we have is because we cover up our financial woes.

"Oh you don't have enough money or good credit for this home loan, well no problem! I'll give you a $350,000 home when you can only afford a $75,000 trailer!"

If you're going to circulate a commercial or print ad with an economic twist, it should be something along the lines of "Look... We realize that nobody is doing very well right now, but we'd like to help. Here's what we're going to do..." Companies need to start giving much more than they are right now. Banks, car dealerships, even places like Starbuck's need to wake up and smell the recession. If we stick our heads in the sand on this one, we may never claw our way out of this mess.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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