Jaguar, a new definition

Abel and I were driving back from the gym yesterday morning, and the subject turned to that new show The Cougar. The "About the Show" section gives this as an explanation for what a Cougar is:
From the creator of The Bachelor comes a game-changing, provocative new reality show that redefines the rules of dating. One sexy, single, sophisticated woman is set up with younger men who are all vying for her affection. Through a series of weekly challenges, the men must prove they have what it takes to satisfy a woman of a certain age and avoid the kiss of death: a kiss on the cheek. Watch as The Cougar narrows her choices from 20 to 10 to five, ultimately choosing one lucky man to be her soul mate.
(Yeah for figuring out the html, right?) So, a Cougar is a sexy, single, sophisticated woman who dates younger men. Well, this is great, but what about for guys? Can a guy be a Cougar? What about those sexy, single, sophisticated men who date younger women (or men...)? Sure, we have various names that typify various kinds of older men - such as Anderson Cooper's moniker as a Silver Fox. But, not everybody is a Silver Fox. Brad Pitt... Not a Silver Fox. Thus, I have created a fellow feline appellation for the men-folk.

Jaguar: a sexy, single, sophisticated man who typically dates younger women/men. This man is usually wealthy, well-endowed, and has a body that looks like it has been chiseled out of sex.

So, go forth readers! Remember your new terminology, and use it well. Spread it around. Who do you consider a Jaguar? I want names!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

P.S. For example, some men who are most definitely Jaguars are:


  1. NO.

    Jaguar is actually an older Cougar.

    Still Female. As Pussy cats are.

    That is All.

  2. Actually, I must disagree. I gave the slang term a definition I like, and as it's slang that's pretty much what it means to me. There is no correct 'slang dictionary' from which to derive a correct slang term's elucidation.

    So... Sorry. But, apparently you get really worked up about this stuff. You should get that checked.


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