Relief in the New Moon

Last night was the New Moon. For the last two lunar cycles (the last full and new moon) I've been rather derelict in my worship. This past week, I noticed this need to be at my altar, to do some sort of energy work. Last night, under the dark moon, I finally did.

Edain McCoy - whose works I have enjoyed and despised - gives this explanation of the New Moon's significance in her book If You Want to Be a Witch:
The dark, new moon esbat is a chance to worship the darker aspects of the Craft. This is not to be confused with evil or negative aspects. The dark is simply that which is hidden, that which is in shadow rather than in light, and closely reflects our inner lives in the same way the sun reflects our light outer selves.
A quick tangent: There is a book called Sabbats by Edain McCoy that I actually really love and reference frequently. Granted, one must always double check historical facts with reputable sources, but much of what she says checks out. Luckily, Ms. McCoy actually has a real degree in History. Unluckily, she has attempted to create yet another Wiccan tradition. Boo. Now, to carry on with the topic at hand.
My new moon ritual is not a complex ceremonial set-up involving hours of time and mountains of incense. Rather, I light the silver candle on my altar, say a prayer I've written for this time, and make out a very short list of the things/people/situations/etc. in my life that I would like removed. This list is burned, and I tell the Goddess "Thank You!" It's not much, but, last night, it felt so very powerful. I attribute this to the pent up energies that I would usually expend at each lunar point - full and new - having not been expended. However, there's something more. I think that with all of the stresses of school, work, and THE MOVE I have been unable to make time to vent some of that stress out of my body. That's not good, but, luckily, that's what the New Moon is for!! After ritual, I felt so much lighter. I came to work today, and I haven't been so short with the kids - as I've noticed being the last few weeks. Already, situations have arisen and dissipated that I asked the Goddess to remove. Even the bit of homework that I brought to work with me went more easily and smoothly than I expected.

In this time of great change and forward movement, I was so glad to have been able to take 5 minutes, meditate, and renew my faith. I feel much more grounded and prepared for the coming weeks. Bring it on! Bring on Finals! Bring on final grades! Bring on graduation! Bring on Illinois! Bring on the *possibly unpossible* job hunt! I feel good to go and ready.

Though, if you check back in a week, I may feel differently.
Love and Lyte,
Fire Lyte


  1. Did the list include Dr. Krebbs?

  2. Haha... No, not Dr. Krebbs per se. The stresses of school, though, were definitely on there in general.


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