Ulcer-causing Dilettantes

Apologies for my momentary lapse in posts. I know you cried.

My Religious Philosophy professor has proven to be a sadist. He gives us a new test every other week, all essay, over the material we learned the week prior. Here's the kicker: we have to learn an entire religion - its history, main and sub tenets, gods, goddesses, laws, beliefs in karma, etc. etc. etc. - in one day. It's a one night a week class, and due to the fact that he missed class the first month, he's now having us play catch-up.

This I would not mind if he had some sort of leeway somewhere. He, however, does not. He still expects us to know every detail of the religion and regurgitate it back to him with but days to study what takes many a lifetime to even begin to comprehend.

I will not continue to disparage the class, but suffice it to say the stress has given me 3 ulcers in my mouth. I have not gotten stress ulcers since I was in the closet back in high school. This is ridiculous. I am riding a middle B in the class, and there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it.

I am a failure.

On a brighter note!!!!! I gave my notice today. I am officially quitting my job, and my last day will be May 8th! JOY!!!

No, if only I could get DuPage County Detention to give me a call back... I had a dream they called to say I was hired, and I'm hoping that's a good omen. Any positive energy you have to send would be very appreciated.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

P.S. The weather outside is partly cloudy with a small percent chance of rain. Cold in the morning and evening, but it warmed up to over 70 today! (Gotta love that Lacy Eylar.)


  1. Oh, Don, how I love thee so!

    Sorry about my obsession with the weather but I just love it!

    So I have to refrain from "I told you so" because, although my blog was a forewarning, these things are usually not anything that we have any control over.

    Don, no matter what happens with this class, you are still going to graduate and the people who care about you most are still going to love you and be proud. This class isn't the be-all end-all, and I know you know that.

    Only 22 more days, Don! And although I am sad that you are moving, I think it will be a great, fresh start for you and I know that you are going to do wonderful and successful things in the future!

    I hope this is some sort of encouragement! I appreciate all the study days this semester, and guess what? We only have one more study day for philosophy and then we are done!!!



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