Forgive me Mother...

For I have not blogged. It has been 10 days since my last blogfession.

Ok, so I'm right smack dab in the middle of Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. It's incredible, but it's affecting my speech temporarily. I want to be all Catholic, which might sound contradictory to my touted faith, but with all the Sacred Feminine influences and such, it's not that much of a stretch.

So, I graduated last Saturday. Big Woot! I'm done with my Bachelor's degree. Now I must anxiously await some fat little secretary at UT to push a button and tell the computer I have a degree. One would think that would happen the day that final grades get entered (yesterday, Tuesday), but no. That happens 4-6 weeks later!!! Abel and I moved our entire lives up to Illinois yesterday, which was utterly no fun, and come to find out I can't get a job in my field for another month and a half! Scratch that; I can't apply for a job in my field for another month and a half. They have to have my transcripts evaluated by some big wig in Springfield, who must then look at the bottom of my transcript, see the "Got My Diploma!" part, and put a stamp of approval on my job. Therein lies the problem... I have to wait that 6 weeks before my transcripts say "I Got My Diploma!" Boo on UT!!! It's 2009. Get with the technology.

On another note: I have a troll queen living underneath me. See, my brother-in-law, whom we're living with, is going to let us have this fantastic downstairs apartment. It's two bedroom with it's own kitchen, bathroom, and utterly amazing living room with a brick fireplace that spans the entire wall. Here's the kicker: we've got to wait until his previous tenant decides to leave. She's this slimy little troll queen who just oozes bad vibes and isn't quite too sure she wants to leave at the end of her 6-month lease. We're in a not-bad bedroom that, with the help of brother-in-law's unused furniture from around the house, we've turned into a nice little place for the two of us. Granted, we're still in boxes, but it's nice for now. So, send your evil thoughts towards my under-the-floor troll queen. We want our apartment soon.

You know she's evil when she tries to usurp the love of your animals. She told us she planned on taking Kika, our puppy, for walks and having MY CAT sleep with her in HER BED!!!! AND SHE DID IT!!!! She had MY CAT in HER BED!!! Abel was pissed. And, when I went downstairs to check on the cat - she has to stay downstairs because brother-in-law is allergic - she was utterly filthy. Troll queen had let her out to go play behind the dryer and furnace. I hate her.

But, I shall breathe and get through this. And, probably get a job at Barnes and Noble in the meantime - for spare cash. Cross your fingers!!! Abel might have a job soon!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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