The Hunt is ON!

7. That's the number of applications I turned in to various businesses yesterday. My wonderful, "sure thing" job at the DuPage County Youth facility wasn't, apparently, so sure. They called a few days ago to let me know they weren't able to wait on my arrival before hiring someone. So, I'm in Illinois and completely without employment. I've got a Bachelor's degree and I'm just hoping that Starbuck's will hire me. How pathetic is that?

Sorry I've not posted a lot since moving. I've been trying to get settled in. Today is going to be another day of job hunting.

Some quick notes:

Yesterday Abel and I went to Hooters. The food was great!!!

We drove through this community called Shadow Glen. You. Would. Not. BELIEVE. How. GORGEOUS. These. Homes. Were!?!!!!?!??!!?! We took pictures. They'll be put up in the next couple of days.

I'm quickly learning things unique to living in a city. Things like, you don't drive ANYWHERE without an absolute need after 3:30 pm and before 7:30 pm. Traffic is un-fucking-believable.

Some towns have more than one Starbuck's. In fact, some places have more than one Starbuck's on one block. (I saw 3 on one block yesterday... 3 different Starbuck's.)

Anyways, I promise to be on more soon. Cross your fingers!!! Hopefully I'll be employed by the end of the week.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Good luck on your job hunting...

    Just remember, you have the rest of your life to do serious work, you might as well live it up at a fun and exciting job while you have the chance!



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