Obligatory Gay Post - Prop. 8 passed

I am disappointed in the decision the California Supreme Court recently reached in which they upheld Proposition 8. (<--- Click the link in case you've been living under a rock or live outside the US and don't know what Prop. 8 is.)

So, yes, I am disappointed that Californian gays and lesbians do not immediately have the right to marry. However, I'd like to take a rather un-activist approach to this, one that I had not thought about until reading this article in the Huffington Post today by Aaron Zelinsky. I highly recommend you follow the link and read the whole thing, but I'd like to include an excerpt:
The Court's decision drives home that the future of gay rights lies at the ballot box and not in the courts. We should view the California Court not as opposing gay marriage, but rather as promoting public deliberation and democratic action on the subject of equal rights.
This is the "teach a man to fish, and he'll feed himself for a lifetime" mentality. It's one thing for a court to hand out rights and legislate from the bench, but this can be easily overturned if the majority of the population want to do so, as we've seen in California multiple times now. Real change is going to come when the general populace finally realize that the "gay agenda" is: 1) wake up every morning 2) make breakfast and drop the kids off at school 3) go to work/school/pilates/gym/etc. 4) run errands 5) pick up the kids from after school activities 6) make/pick up dinner 7) serve dinner 8) curse self for not making/picking up something more healthy to eat 9) proceed to down a dozen chocolate chip cookies just because they were on sale at Dominick's...


Ok, that was a bit too personal at the end, but you get the picture. The gay agenda doesn't exist. Everybody bleeds red; everybody hates the way they look, and everybody wants to be independently wealthy. We're all the same, but until the general populace sees this, change will not come. And, (here's the non-activist statement) it shouldn't come.

Shocked you, didn't I! See, I'm tired of rights being given, then taken, then given, then partially taken, then partially given, then blah blah blah... Everything has a season, and right now is the very beginning of the gay rights season. There have already been several states that legalized gay marriage through legislation, which is a hell of a lot more concrete than a few judges deciding what the majority needs to accept. When the people are ready to accept change, it'll happen swiftly and without obstruction. America was finally ready for a black, Democrat president. Obama swept the election. It will happen. I actually believe it will happen country-wide within a decade. (Though I'm an incurable optimist.)

So, thanks judges. You've put the ball, and responsibility, back in the court of the people. Though it doesn't sit well with most at first, I believe this is the best way to go about making real change.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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