Slivers of unblockedness

So I was watching the 700 Club this morning....

Ok, that's a lie. I was trying, frantically, to find Good Morning America amidst the 18 bazillion channels my pseudo-brother-in-law has, and I was temporarily stranded on a channel showing the 700 Club. It made me angry, so I wrote about it! The idea almost left my head, but I caught it and threw it on paper and made it beg for mercy as I stabbed at it, first with a pen, then with my keyboard.

Let me know what you think!!!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Glorious Baptism

Single Mother/Single Father spat

on the face of the man/woman at the subway stop.

The man/woman with the

Lexus/Mercedes keys dangling without much care,

but with too much pride from his/her right jeans pocket.

The man/woman who is talking, at this moment,

about how God/Allah/The Powers That Be

have blessed him/her, because he/she recently increased

his/her tithe.

Oh God blesses those who give up the blessings

in blessed amounts for the joy of God.

I recently endured a whole week of hardship,

because I gave up 4% of my monthly earnings

in an attempt to give more back to my blessed,

holy, God-filled church.

Of course, I didn’t expect anything back from God.

God just decided to do that on HIS own!

Lo and behold, after I increased my tithing from

3% to 4%, God blessed me, in all the rapturous

joy as He sees fit, with a new client at my firm,

and, wouldn’t you know it, I got all that money

right back. Yes, I tell you what, those folks that

claim the economy isn’t what it used to be just

aren’t very good Christians, if you ask me.

The words came from the man/woman’s mouth

as though capitalized. The punctuation was felt.

The false sincerity was disgusting, and needed to be

washed off his/her face, though Single Mother/Father.

And every molecule of saliva came together in

one Glorious Baptism, as though capitalized.

Drops for the Bible that lay on his/her son’s/daughter’s

nightstand, read every night by the two.

One for the daily prayers lifted up for salvation and,

it seemed lately, futility.

Some for the volunteer hours spent every weekend building

free houses for those who were just barely less fortunate.

For the $10 a week scrounged and scraped together lifted

up with begging eyes, returned with even less.

Mother/Father did not ask forgiveness for, at that very moment,

Mother/Father became an atheist.


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