Coupon Debacle

My partner and I went to that one particular grocery superstore that my father is convinced is trying to take over the world, and I came away with a beef. Really, it's not a new beef, but more of a reiteration of one of my constant PSA's.

Please, in the name of all that is sacred, have your FREAKING coupons ready when you get to the checkout counter! There were these two women in front of us at lane 6 that were very obviously destroying the last vestiges of the poor cashier's patience by forcing her to stand there for at least an hour while these two women went over their 10 sales papers to make sure that every item in their overflowing buggy had every coupon possible applied to each of them. It was dreadful, and was rather difficult to keep quiet and not say "Look, why don't you go sit over on the bench next to that vile bathroom to pour over your trivial sales ads so that you can make damn sure you're saving your $3.57!!!"

Sigh. Instead, I just quietly went to another lane...and gave a mean glare at lane 6.

Love and Lyte (and Patience),

Fire Lyte


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