Loopholes, Assholes, and Holes with Various Purposes

Ok, there are a few things that, singularly, I can live with, but when put together have pissed me off. So as not to make this post go into several pages of a rant, I'm going to list the 3 pieces of news that have made headlines this week which have turned me into a ranting activist:
  1. President Obama. I'm a big fan. Really. I swear. However, I'm starting to become slightly disillusioned with a few things. Namely, I am rather pissed that his administration has taken a stance of not only non-involvement in the gay rights movement, but has now taken a stand against gay rights by speaking out in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act (or DOMA). Now, I get that the administration has to defend laws on the books. As an officer, I have to defend laws I don't necessarily agree with, but I am obligated because it's the law. However, didn't Candidate Obama promise a full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act? As of March 2008, his campaign website's PRIDE section promised a full repeal. As of today, however, his website's Civil Rights section (under the ISSUES heading) has conspicuously deleted the part about gay rights, specifically.
  2. Thomas Beatie. Oh. My. GODDESS!!!! The man/woman had another baby. Now, I say man/woman, and you'll all hate my liberal, homosexual butt for saying this, but I'm just not sure which...he...is. Ok, I can get behind transgender people. I reason it that with all the rebirth of souls out there, it is a possibility that a female was a male in her immediate past life and does not feel he fits in a female body. I can get that on a very basic spiritual level. However, transgender men and women typically want to be the opposite sex. I CANNOT fathom a woman wanting to be a man, but remaining a woman in every way except facial hair and a flat chest. Not only that, but having TWO children. But the kicker is in number 3.
  3. Chastity Bono. Or... Umm... Chaz Bono. The daughter/soon-to-be-son of Cher and Sonny Bono is making the switch to become a legal man. This means she/soon-to-be-he will be able to marry her/his girlfriend of 20 years, thanks to the loophole of marriage being totally fine for a legal man and a legal woman. Now, I'm all for equal rights and your desire to be your correct gender, but I am unfathomably confused as to how the religious right can defend "traditional marriage" when 2 biological women can get married as long as one of them legally changes over to a woman. Are. You. Kidding?! I mean, yeah for Chaz Bono finding himself - and I'm actually happy that he's choosing to become a full man instead of cheating by remaining a woman - but come ON!
  4. I know I said there were 3, but I am too lazy to edit it to 4, but there's a fourth. JOHN AND KATE PLUS 8. PLEASE, OH DEAR GODS PLEASE, GET THESE PEOPLE OFF OF EVERY SINGLE TABLOID IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This whole debacle epitomizes the triviality of heterosexual marriage in America today. This family with its own veritable sports team of children is being broken apart on television, but wait (!!!) if you tune in every week you can see the parents work their problems out on national television in their "private" marriage counseling sessions. People buy and sell relationships for fame on reality television so much these days, I cannot understand how the traditional marriage camp can find any basis for an argument. Exactly what are they preserving? What is being saved? What is this sanctity of marriage?
Ok, to review: The President who promised change with the flick of a pen apparently can't find a pen. There are two cases of transgender individuals finding legal loopholes to get around biological boundaries in the governmental institution of marriage. John and Kate disgust me.

My point: What in the HELL is keeping us from opening up marriage to gays and lesbians?

Seriously?! Write your Congressman. Tell them to get off their asses and stop defending a broken institution and start fixing it by evolving it. Allow two loving, caring, committed adults to have the same rights regardless of gender.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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