Pagan Moving

I've been wanting to put this up for a bit. The show The Wigglian Way recently took on a letter I'd written them back in March. It had to do with my then-upcoming feelings about moving. More specifically, it had to do with ways to keep myself from conking out spiritually.

When I moved to West Virginia after high school, the entire year was spent without the ability to do much beyond saying, "I heart the Goddess!" I felt no connection to the land; I had very little spiritual energy, and I found it difficult to do even the most basic of card readings. I didn't want the same thing to happen when I moved here to Chicago. Well, it's been almost a month, fellow travelers, and I'm happy to say that I think I've gotten the energy beast in check. I feel up, happy, and have experienced absolutely no decrease in spiritual energy. This is what I did. I hope you can use some of it:
  • I had an herb garden back in Texas. Since I lived in an apartment, the vast majority of the plants were in individual pots. These herbs were used for both cooking and magical workings. Instead of giving them away, planting them in the woods, or tossing them, I brought them along. They're now on the front porch and get a heck of a lot more sunshine during the day than on my covered apartment porch. This has helped me stay connected to nature and to feel more comfortable in this new space. My practice isn't interrupted because an herb that I used to have handy isn't around. It's right there, still.
  • It was really important to me to make sure my altar tools were wrapped up snugly in their own box, and that my altar was set up within the first day or two that I moved in. I actually made sure this was up before I ever saged or did any sort of cleansing ritual. I said prayers of thanks to the Lord and Lady for my safe travel and asked for a smooth transition to this new place. Also, if I wanted to do any sort of ritual or working, my altar was all nice and ready for me. Granted, it's now off to the side of my bedroom and kind of squished in with everything else, but it's there, and is a comforting presence in my daily routine.
  • Within my first 2 days at the new house, I found an excellent pagan book and supply store. I made sure to note what they kept in stock, what they could order, and what they just didn't carry. Like, my old store had a lot of gemstones, no books, some statues of a wiccan and buddhist variety, and a nice selection of herbs. This store had an ENORMOUS book selection, oils, some herbs, statues for any religion I could think of, and a small selection of gemstones. Nice.
  • I bought the fattest bundle of sage/lavender that my new store sold and saged absolutely every square inch of my new home. The lavender gave the place a peaceful quality. Sometimes just plain white sage can leave a home feeling...blank. The lavender adds an element of easy peace to the place. It's nice.
This is just what I did. It's really helped, and if you have any ways to get over the moving spiritual hump, let me know!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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