...with people that want to kill you.

The Rachel Maddow show - as well as very nearly every other media outlet in the nation - recently covered the story of Dr. George Tiller. He is a doctor that was recently assassinated by a man named Scott Roeder. I'm sure I could never cover all the points, and I'll let you read up on the story yourself. (The above video does a good job with the high notes.)

The thing that jogged me is what a colleague of the doctor's said, "There's no reasoning with people that want to kill you." He was talking about the protestors that exist and subsist outside of nearly every public abortion clinic in America - the world. However, this statement, this simple truth is true for a myriad of groups. There is no reasoning with the cowards that wanted Matthew Shepard dead. There is no reasoning with terrorist groups, or hate groups, or the dregs of society that would rather slaughter an entire segment of the population without even really knowing them or having a real reason as to why.

So, what do we do with this? If we know there are people out there that want to kill you, and will, without any substantial cause, what in the hell do we do with that knowledge? This is possibly one of the few situations in which you cannot act proactively, or, at least, not in the same vein of proactive. You can't go off killing those that would kill you, just so they don't.

Unfortunately, my 23 year old brain has no insightful solutions. I just light a blue candle, say a few words of peace, a prayer for the man's soul, and hope for some proverbial bright future.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte