3 and a half Earths

Apparently, that's how many we would need if everyone on the planet lived exactly the way I do. There's this great, easy quiz on MyFootprint.org It's quick, and it really enlightens you as to ways you can make Mother Earth a bit more comfortable, and ensure that resources will be around for our children's children's children. Interesting tidbit, there was a Native American tribe that used to make decisions based on how it would affect 19 generations of children.

After the quiz, there's a section you can click that gives you tips on how to improve your footprint. It can be found here:

We have a recycling bin that's included in our waste pickup, but it's never used. (Brother-in-Law doesn't recycle...) I'm telling you, I'm getting on it today. I was shocked at my results... 3.5 Earths. And here I thought I was a good little green person.

What's YOUR footprint?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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