Just maybe a little hope

There just might be a little hope in this world after all.

I've not written in a few days, because there's been little of a personal nature to write about. There's continuous drama with the woman living downstairs - thankfully she's been told to move out, and given 2 weeks to do so. So, that's coming to an end. I'm getting together my letters of recommendation and am going to begin working on my application for Will County Juvenile Probation this week, which is good as it's due the 28th.

"God has called and may call" gays in committed relationships to "any ordained ministry" in the church, the resolution says.

Lay people voted 78-21 and clergy voted 77-19 to approve the measure. The House of Bishops had earlier voted 99-45 to adopt the statement. In the debates, delegates said they worried about the reaction of other Anglicans, but felt a duty to vote yes.

"I personally believe we had to do this," said John Cheek, a delegate from the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, based in Springfield. "It's the way we see the Gospel."

I don't know what to say to that. Perhaps this is just another step in the horribly long journey to equality for millions of people in this country and around the world. Perhaps the Christian church, demonized for millennia for their brutality and insistence on conversion, is finally evolving. Maybe this could even, one day, be the church that fights for, and helps win, gay rights for all. Though, as my partner would say, that sounds like me just being a little bit too much like Barney; I love the world.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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