Be it known that yesterday, July 15, 2009, my beloved herbal companion - Lemon Balm - was laid to rest...


I'm really not that distraught about it, but I am kind of sad that a plant that I'd grown for a few years now died. In a tragic accident, my brother-in-law was spraying some weed spray around the porch, and he didn't realize that it killed herbs too.

I searched far and wide, but unfortunately nearly all the herbs are gone in the home and garden stores. I replaced Lemon Balm with a little Patchouli plant that I found. My Thyme hasn't died yet, but it doesn't look very good. So, I'm crossing my fingers that it can bounce back from the brink.

But, just in case you're wondering, the Ortho brand of weed killer works GREAT!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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