A simple trust

Today I was asked by a family friend of my partner's to put together a bit of a luck/money-drawing...package. They told Abel that for a few years now, they have been good with their money, but for some reason they never seem to be able to get ahead. These are good people that try hard, have their own little carpentry/construction business (they're building my brother-in-law's kitchen), and just want to be able to put a little money away each month - a problem a lot of people have these days. When they told their plight to my partner, he told them they may want to seek a little...magical...advice. This seems to be a typical Hispanic cultural response. Or, at least, the Hispanic culture is really open to seeking answers from an occult source.

That being said, I suppose it should feel a little daunting. This man told Abel he wanted, and felt obligated, to pay me for whatever services I would render. I, of course, immediately turned him down. Firstly, I would like to say I'm not against those that take money for their mystical services. Secondly, however, I do feel that, on a very personal level, accepting money would put an unnecessary pressure on needing to see results quickly - which any good witch worth their purifying salt should know that immediate results should never, and can never, be promised or expected.

Strangely, though, there's a calm about the tasks I'll be undertaking to help this family. The remedies and spells I've prescribed, I know they'll work. There's a simple faith and trust in the power of them. I think that's important. Much more important than deep meditations and Hollywoodesque experiences. I think it's important for the craft to feel like a comfortable pair of pajamas. This is my advice to you. Get so comfortable with what you know, in all aspects of your life and/or craft. Learn your job or religion or hobby or family or whatever so well and love it so thoroughly that if you're ever called upon to use that knowledge, you have no qualms about your ability to follow through. Love like that keeps the boat in the air when it shouldn't work, when it should fall apart instead. (yeah Serenity)

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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