Sending Energy

I've been asked recently what it means to "send energy" somewhere. You'll see me request things like "send energy and blessings" or something along those lines, and I suppose I take for granted that everyone knows what that means. However, I should probably remember that, in the grand scheme, very few people know exactly what I mean when I ask for a sending of energy, or thank someone for doing the same. So, a brief definition is in order.

Sending energy, according to Ye Olde Tyme Fire Lyte Dictionary, is akin to praying for someone else to have strength to perform a specific action. Like, my mom might tell me that she's praying for a speedy recovery if I'm sick, or a prayer for someone to have enough energy to make it through finals week, etc. As a magical practice, it is typically thought that instead of praying for something to happen, we can directly send that energy to that person for whatever need they have. While it sounds a bit esoteric, a quick explanation or how-to might allay any confusion.
  1. Raise energy. Before you can send energy to someone, you have to have extra energy to send. If you're not used to doing this on the fly, you'll want to start out initially by meditating on the kind of thing you want to happen. Say you're wanting to send your friend some healing energy to assist them with their recovery from the flu. You'll want to meditate and visualize your friend in a really healthy state, then you want to focus on what it means to be healthy. See yourself as healthy, your friends, family and loved ones. Focus on "healthy" and feel the energy, the flow, the feeling of what it's like to be healthy. If you can visualize this energy, try visualizing it flowing into the palms of your hands.
  2. Focus the energy. Once you have this extra energy, you'll want to tell it what to do. So, you've got this feeling, this focused idea of "healthy," but it doesn't really have a purpose yet. You've just raised it. Quite literally, you can just voice your intent. "I want to send this energy to my friend to help her quickly recover from the flu." Be specific.
  3. Send the energy. Now that you have the energy raised, and you've given it a purpose, you're going to want to send it to your friend. Here's the thing about energy: there's no distance too great. It's not like sending energy is something you have to work up to doing. If you have a strong connection with your friend or loved one, the energy should arrive instantly. This can be done as simply as standing, face the direction that the person is, and blowing the energy from your palms into the wind - knowing it is done. I'm more of a fan of one extra visualization. I give the energy in my palms a shape. I've seen this done several times with other people, and it seems to be just a bit more effective. Give it the shape of something that you like, something that can travel quickly. I like the shape of a swarm of fireflies. There's something beautiful and magical about fireflies, and it's easy to make the stretch from pool of energy in my palms to 100 dancing dots of light that are sent out on swiftly buzzing wings. However, if you happen to like parrots, you can send it as a parrot, or a hummingbird, or a ladybug, or whatever you like. I like things that fly, as it seems to make more sense, but do what feels right to you.
If you're like me, you like a little rhyme to go with your Sending. When I officially send the energy, I'll say these or similar words:
Firefly, Fireflies through the air.
Take this healing energy from here to there.
Go to [person's name] and while you dwell
treat her, mend her, make her well.
Again, that's just a simple way to finalize your Sending. I hope I've helped. As I've said, I think it's an excellent way to send an extra boost to someone when they need it. Try it out. Tell me what works for you.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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