A Clause for Santa

It was brought to my attention, and I've been thinking about this anyways, that my remarks concerning Santa Claus not having a place in a formal religious practice were misguided and flat out wrong.

I agree.

Upon closer inspection, and it actually didn't take much inspection at all, I have found that Santa could quite easily fit into a religious practice. However, not the jolly man that lives on Coca-Cola bottles and enjoys the company of elves at the North Pole. This Santa Claus is a figure of winter, of the Yuletide solstice, and a true Neo-Pagan spirit of snow. This icon is, and should be considered to be, a new incarnation of the Norse Father God Odin.

I would like to stand by what I said concerning separating the truly fantastic from a serious religious practice, and as I've said before, I believe that the figure on the Coca-Cola bottles, and the robed, priestly figure of Santa Claus - Father Christmas - are two completely separate entities. The first is a commercialized product while the second is a true symbol, with roots steeped in ancient lore and legend.

It's like the difference between the toy, plastic cauldrons at Target and the consecrated symbol of the Goddess' blessed womb. One is a cheap imitation of the other.

As I've said before. All Gods are one God, and all Goddesses are one Goddess. All deities can be traced back to one primal God or Goddess, and Santa Claus is no different. He is an incarnation of Norse deity, that is a further incarnation of more primal sky gods. He should not be shied away from simply because he is the latest incarnation.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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