A Darker Time

I was told yesterday that a juvenile I was in charge of while in Texas killed a man.

And I needed a day to soak that in.

I needed to understand that a juvenile that I took outside to play basketball, that I taught lessons on the labeling theory, that I had to tell to stay quiet a million times... This kid. This 16-year-old kid. He stabbed his teacher in the neck. His teacher's name was Todd Henry.

Please take a moment and speak his name. Remember him and give him and his family energy and blessings at this time.

I don't believe I can give too many more details away, but according to the Associated Press the judge over the case - who I have a lot of respect for - says that there is probable cause to believe this was a murder. The attorney on the case, Jim Huggler (a complete idiot with narcissistic tendencies and delusions of grandeur), says that he would like to seek a competency hearing. Basically, he's saying the juvenile is not mentally fit to stand trial.

Without going into very sensitive case information, Mr. Huggler's assumption is backwards and more than a bit desperate. Personally, I would have looked over the case file to see if there were any possibility for a lesser charge. (If I were the attorney.) However, given the information on the news...the kid needs to be certified as an adult and tried as such. He has a long history with the department, and has been in and out of TYC.

It's just... Wrong. It's wrong to digest that one of my kids has taken someone else's life, a person who gave his entire life helping other people. There seems, on the surface, to be an imbalance here. A person who gave everything to help other people was taken from this plane by a person who has actively attempted to go against every conventional societal rule in place, who values nothing except his own desires.

This is just wrong, but something I'll have to get used to in my line of work. Hmm...I suppose there is an upside to serving after all. Hug your friends. Hug your family. Please do not let a day go by that they don't know how you feel about them.

Bless you.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. And here's a hug for you Brother.
    With Arrowind working inschool counseling for E.D. kids I have a deep fear of something similar happening to her. I'm sure that you like her are doing your best with what are probably not the best of circumstances.
    Blessed Be

  2. It is really a scary thing that today we underestimate the school age children of today. Something like this was only said as a joke and out of frustration when I was that age, and only between friends. It is a very sad day as Fire Lyte said because he is right; teachers devote their entire lives to teach their students. Without them most of us would not be where we are today. Sure their grades were unfair and they all may have seemed like they were out to get you, but does that justify the killing. I think not. I wish the family of Mr. Henry many blessings. I also send much love to those who devoted their lives to help me get to where I am at.
    Drake Atlas


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