With the Greater Sabbat of Samhain approaching, a lot of pagans/witches/druids/etc. will be making their dedications to the worship of the God and Goddess. Congratulations, good luck, and Blessed Be to those who have chosen this path. I just recently made my dedication into a formal ceremony, albeit a simple one - as usual - in my back yard between me and the divine. The experience was holy and divine, and felt utterly right.

So, with that in mind, I thought I'd share the words I said on that day with the rest of you, that it may inspire your own self-dedication rituals. I took a simple plate of bread and a wine glass filled with water outside (I don't drink red wine, which is a bit more customary, and I had no grape juice to substitute...), sat for a minute taking in the earth beneath the grass, the air in the trees, the fiery sun, and the coolness of the water goblet. Then I started speaking, a simple prayer and plea to be formally taken into the service of Lord and Lady.

May these words bring you just as much peace and joy as they brought me.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

I am a seeker.

I call to the Earth Mother, the Moon Goddess, the Lady.

I call to she who knows all secrets, she who is magic, she who is balance.

I call to the Mother of us all.

Hear me.

I call to the Sky Father, the Sun God, the Lord.

I call to he who rules the wild, who gives light and form, he who is balance.

I call to the Father of us all.

Hear me.

I am a seeker.

I am a child of Heaven and a child of Earth.

I seek the path of balance, to find that which connects us all.

I seek to learn the secrets of magic and wisely make use of it.

I wish to hear the voices of the Gods and to feel the energy of the changing cycles.

I wish to feel the forces of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

I hope that my spirit becomes filled with the love and light of my God and Goddess.

I pray that I become balanced and hold myself to truth, mercy, compassion, and goodness.

I believe in the God and Goddess and ask them to bless me now.

I ask for the Consecration of the Divine and dedicate myself to Their will.

Praise be to the God and Goddess.

Praise be to the Holy Mother and Father.

Blessed be.


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