For you iPhone users & Happy Birthday Lacy!!!

I adore my iPhone. It's like a third hand, or an 11th finger or something. However, the one thing my iPhone can't do that even my old $30 Samsung POS phone I had when I was 18 could do is send pictures and video.

That shall soon be remedied. According to recent reports, AT&T will finally allow MMS - sending pictures and video - on September 25th! YEAH!!! That's not this Friday but the next. While this is technically much later than "late summer," which AT&T has been espousing since the first announcements of OS 3.0. However, if I can send pictures on my friggin $200 phone, I will be happy.

OH, and today is Lacy Eylar's - of My Dr. Pepper is Flat! And other relevant gripes - birthday!!!! Happy Birthday my dearest! I hope you get everything you possibly could want this year! Congratulations on your new house...and your excellent cooking utensils.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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