Not to brag, but I called it.

Joe Wilson very quickly put out an ad campaign with the less-than-subtle message that he is being muzzled, that the Democrats and the liberal left are trying to keep him quiet. I suppose none of us should be surprised, as he was asked to apologize to the President. Surely, that's an equation for political power plays. "Vote for me; I'm the underdog!"

As of yesterday, not a day after the whole debacle, Wilson claimed he was receiving an overwhelming amount of supportive phone calls. During a diatribe on his show in which he called the President's speech "grossly inappropriate" and full of lies, distortions, and falsehoods, Rush Limbaugh praised Joe Wilson while simultaneously condemning the administration.

LIMBAUGH: He is lying, President Obama is, from the moment he opens his mouth until he ends the speech. I was shouting "You're lying!" throughout the speech at the television. "You're lying! It's a lie!" Joe Wilson simply articulated what millions of Americans were saying.

LIMBAUGH: Folks, we are in a serious struggle to save our country, and Joe Wilson voiced what millions of Americans have been saying about this man, Barack Obama, for months. And if we're going to start censuring our own people on our team who are willing to try, then maybe we need new people in the game. I was -- I was ecstatic when I heard that last night.
These quotes, among many others, were part of a stream of backwards thinking spewed forth by Limbaugh. Even more, Sean Hannity brought Wilson on his show and told him, "You're right and the President is wrong." Hannity then urged his viewers to donate to Wilson's campaign, which, undoubtedly, brought forth a huge number of conservative right-wingers flocking to aide this pathetic specimen of the modern Republican party.

Likewise, the country seems to have taken an immediate interest in the race for Wilson's 2nd congressional district in South Carolina. As of this evening, CNN reported that Wilson's opponent, a Democrat named Rob Miller, had earned over $800,000 in donations. has sent around an email attempting to assist this candidate in gaining $1 million in donations, using this incident as fodder.

Not to put all the light on Joe Wilson, because the rest of the Republican party is eagerly trying to keep up with him in assholedness. (Yes, I say it's a word.) Republican Representative John Schimkus from Illinois (sigh) walked out of the last bit of the President's speech siting frustration as he felt the President did not present a proposal to bring Republicans on board. The representative from my home district in Texas, Louie Gohmert, was seen holding a sign saying "What bill?" and melodramatically shrugging his shoulders and sighing heavily during the entirety of Obama's speech. And, finally, the House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, a Republican from Virginia, was seen ogling his Blackberry during the speech, though now he claims he was taking notes....on his Blackberry...for a speech that was nationally televised...that he could have recorded on his DVR. Doesn't he have aides for this kind of thing?!

Republicans, I have a message for you. FIND. SOMETHING. TO. MAKE. YOU. LOOK. GOOD. There are a lot of people in the Republican party making it look like an ultra-conservative party full of nut jobs whose vocal cords never wear out. Please, bring back the days of even-keeled ideas about wise spending and keeping the government out of our private lives. Those were good ideas! There have been excellent Republican politicians over the years. Where are the great thinkers? Screw your party; I want people in office that are there to simply be a voice for the people.

Right-wing, conservative fringe....get over yourselves.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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