Obama is the Anti-Christ, didn't you know?

Or, at least, so sayeth the conservatives of New Jersey.

Ok, I know I just posted something about DOMA, but read this, too! Since this is the day's second blog, I'll dispense with my usual pleasantries and get right to the dirty facts.

  1. 18% of them are absolutely certain that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ. They're absolutely certain. Without doubt. And 17% more are not really sure, but they don't rule out the possibility. That's 35% of conservatives that either believe our current President is the bringer of the Apocalypse, or, at least, are still muddling it over.
  2. For self-identified Republicans, 14% are positive that Obama has the number 666 underneath his hair, while an additional 15% aren't quite sure, but they wouldn't rule it out. 666. Underneath his hair. Because, you know...he's the Anti-Christ.
  3. 33% of self-identified Republicans FIRMLY BELIEVE that President Barack Obama was NOT BORN IN THIS COUNTRY. Another 19% aren't going to rule it out. That means that 52% of Republicans in New Jersey at best question his validity. Don't we have his birth certificate a Google search away?
This is what makes life worth living. Fundies and their crazy, conservative, uber-Christian thoughts. If only we lived in a world where these same Fundies didn't try and act on these zany theories instead of shoving them down America's throats.

Oh Fundies. I salute you. Now, please, go back to Bible camp and leave America to the ones who deal in facts and don't mind swallowing truth occasionally.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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