Pagan Pride Disappointment

I'd been looking forward to Chicago's "official" Pagan Pride Day, held this past Saturday, for at least the past two months. I'd been working extra hours and making sure to be wise with money, because I wanted to have the freedom to make a few purchases, eat some good food, and have a nice time.

I shouldn't have bothered.

The whole experience boiled down to 6 tents, a guy who didn't know how to drum, and the saddest assortment of generic pagan-ish swag you've ever seen. The vast majority of the wares were the same 12 tumbled stones you could buy at your local mall and the same conglomeration of pewter pendants and rings you find at Wal Mart under the label "Celtic Jewelry." The website made it seem like there would be tons of vendors of various types, lots of music, and a bigger turnout - especially for its 8th year running.

I was disappointed to say the least. However, there was one small ray of WIN in all of this. The Vermorlian Magick Shoppe had an utterly excellent array of altar materials and brooms, all handcrafted. I would have completely loved to buy a broom, but there just wasn't one that fit me there. Though, I will probably contact them in the near future to have them make me one, as they were just a really great quality product.

Better luck next festival! I wonder how, with millions of people in this gorgeous city, we couldn't get a bigger/better showing. I dunno. If you have been to a pride event, how did it go? Festivals? Etc.?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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