The President's Socialist Elementary Agenda

President Obama is making a speech that is going to be piped in to schools all around the country today. He plans on talking about such horrible, controversial topics as: staying in school, setting goals, getting good grades, and being successful is hard but satisfying. Awful, right?

Despite the fact that the president actually put his speech up on the internet for all to see, conservative media outlets are continuing the hate-and-fear-mongering that has been going on all summer by purporting that President Obama will be preaching a socialist "partisan political agenda on impressionable young minds." Parents, in turn, are going so far as to keep their children out of school today, with one parent stating that "Thinking about my kids in school having to listen to that just really upsets me. I'm an American. They are Americans, and I don't feel that's OK. I feel very scared to be in this country with our leadership right now."

Some schools are going so far as to ban the speech from being shown, simply to avoid the outcries from their parental populations. And, as always, the last shreds of the Republican leadership is begging for attention by saying this is inappropriate. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said, "At a minimum it's disruptive. Number two, it's uninvited. And number three, if people would like to hear his message they can, on a voluntary basis, go to YouTube or some other source and get it. I don't think he needs to force it upon the nation's school children." Funny enough, Mr. Pawlenty gave this blurb while speaking at the MN State Fair; how kitschy.

I suppose after the fact that the American people elected a wildly popular Democrat into office last fall, and all of his popular policies - such as the stimulus package and Cash for Clunkers - it is necessary for the Republican party to return to their usual scare tactics. And, omgs, this summer has been full of them. Let's take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we? There have been the Birthers who tried to scare us all by saying Obama wasn't the President, because he wasn't born in the United States. (Despite his birth certificate being put up for all to see.) The Deathers have tried to scare us by saying that Obama's health care plan would kill grandma by setting up mandatory DEATH PANELS. (scary! but...crap) And a host of other tripe being forced down our throats by right-wing folks that would like to be the head of their party...since it seems to be pretty headless right now.

So, look to the television today. See for yourself if Obama is going to call on our children to rise up in a great Socialist outcry, or if he's just going to tell our kids to stay in school. Personally, I believe that this kind of message coming from a minority president is the absolute perfect thing in our country right now. For the first time, our minority youth will get to see someone that looks like them and came from the same kind of situations encouraging them. That's beautiful and not just political. A real moment to remember. An excerpt of the dreaded speech is below.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

That’s why today, I’m calling on each of you to set your own goals for your education – and to do everything you can to meet them. Your goal can be something as simple as doing all your homework, paying attention in class, or spending time each day reading a book. Maybe you’ll decide to get involved in an extracurricular activity, or volunteer in your community. Maybe you’ll decide to stand up for kids who are being teased or bullied because of who they are or how they look, because you believe, like I do, that all kids deserve a safe environment to study and learn....


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