sigh...Tired and Rambling

I have been so tired the past few days. I've been at slave labor every single day and night since last Wednesday. I'm determined to make as much money as I can, but the hours required to do that are very long and involve getting off between 10 and 11 and getting back up at 6:30 to do it all again the next day. Strangely, I worked much more at the juvenile attention center in Texas, but I never minded the hours. There is truly a difference in working a career job you love and working a job to make end meet. Very little joy can be found in the latter.

Partner had a friend come over last night so that I could give her a card reading. It was enjoyable on both parts. I'm very thankful that I have a skill that I can use to help other people, and she was grateful that I took the time. Honestly, I should have been the one thanking her. It's really hard in modern life to find time to be witchy, you know? Sure, I have a permanent altar set up, and I try my best to celebrate the Esbats and Sabbats, but there's a difference in being and living. And, I would like to say that it's inspired me to do a little bit more each day, to commit to actively doing one thing a day that ties me to my beliefs, but I know it wouldn't happen... haha I think it's just better if you observe what you can, practice what is needed, and be as good a person as you can.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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