You Gotta See This!

After a couple of months of quiet begging, Partner and I finally went to go see Julie & Julia last night. Sitting in a quiet theater, we looked around and giggled to ourselves as we found we were sharing the theater with about 10 other people, all quite elderly. These old folks were the best movie audience ever. They laughed heartily and not-so-quietly talked back to Meryl Streep and Amy Adams every time something happened.

People, see this movie. It's hilarious and poignant and appropriate and family-friendly and hopeful and all the right things you want to see at a time when so much of society is going wrong. If you can't get to see it in a theater, or if it's not playing, put it on your Netflix NOW! Totally worth it. Trailer below.

On a different vein, so to speak, True Blood wrapped it's second season last night. While I don't know that the twist and suspense at the end of this season was as big as last season, I will say there are so many open questions that season 3 cannot get here fast enough. If you've not been watching True Blood, then you need to run out, buy the season, catch up, and get with it. It is NOT Twilight for adults. This series has very deep, well-developed characters, and a plotline that reeks of excellence. It's just a big pile of WIN. Trailer also below.

Take some time for yourself and spend it catching up on good movies and TV. I know it's rather slovenly to sit around and be entertained, but sometimes it's just needed.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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