California Marriage Protection Act

An utterly brilliant man named John Marcotte, founder of the site, is attempting to drum up support for something he's calling the California Marriage Protection Act. His official site for the project is

The law would make divorce illegal in the state of California. Why would anybody in the world want to make divorce illegal? Well, if marriage is so friggin wonderful, and such a sacred institution, then straight people should have to stay married...right? I mean, if it's such an exclusive club, then it should come with a lifetime required membership.

If marriage weren't cheapened by the ability to jump in an out of it, maybe people would learn to work through their problems. The point is genius. I honestly hope he gets this approved for a vote. The ad for the bill is below.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

PS. I absolutely LOVE article on the Top 5 Republican Gay Sex Scandals! Check it out.


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