Fox News is Conservative. Also, the sky is blue.

Ok... To keep it short and sweet: did we really all of a sudden wake up and realize that Fox News is full of idiots right-wing conservatives bent on selling a conservative agenda? I mean... Really? The White House is boycotting Fox News and wants others to disregard it as yet another wing of the Republican party. I'm sorry, I don't like Fox news either, but griping about the fact that they spin everything to look anti-left, anti-liberal, anti-Democrat is really old news.

A study done by the University of Maryland in 2003 showed how their misleading newscasts and spreading of misinformation created a population of people who were uninformed about the correct events of the Iraq War. However, the information they believed to be true swayed their opinion to be more favorable to the Iraq War, and by extension the "War on Terror." We've known about their tactics for a really long time. But now, the White House and Congressional Democrats  are calling out Fox as...conservative.


I'm sorry. I am in no way defending Fox's inability to report anything other than right-wing propaganda, but that's their right. Also, everybody already knows that if you watch Fox, you're probably watching the conservative version of the truth. I tend to watch the Rachel Maddow show, because she leans to the left in her politics, talks about stories from a perspective I can relate to, and happens to be a lesbian. We have things in common. Well, except for the sex with women thing. Point is, I hunted for a news show that I could stand to watch. If President Obama doesn't like Fox news, maybe he could spend a few minutes surfing through the TV guide to find a program better suited to him. Or...I dunno, stop watching the news and get back to fixing the country.

It's like gay marriage. If you don't like gay marriage, don't marry a gay person. Well, if you don't like Fox news...change the station.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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