FundieDouche hates college professors!

I'm back. Sorry for the break. And now, on with your regularly scheduled Riot!

FundieDouche - Kirk Cameron - is back on a tirade in which he rails against Darwinism, the theory of evolution, and the religious preferences of college professors in the fields of biology and psychology. Before continuing with your daily blog reading, please watch this video:

Just like all good right-wing scare tactics as of late, Kirk Cameron starts off by casually asking you if you're scared by what's happening to our country. Of course, this means that there is something terribly wrong going on, despite the lack of news coverage or notice of any sort by the populace. He then goes on to talk about the horrible lack of liberties experienced by the children of the people involved in the largest religion on the planet, rights such as public prayer and taking out your Bible in school. Both are huge lies, as both are rights that all Americans have. However, once it begins to interrupt the school day or work day, then it becomes an issue.

Then Kirk gets to his study. 61% of Psychology and Biology professors are atheists or agnostic. Hmm... Well, according to the study (click here for the study) what actually was found is:
Respondents were asked to select the statement that comes closest to expressing their views about God. Only 10.0 percent chose the statement, “I don’t believe in God,” while 13.4 percent chose the statement, “I don’t know whether there is a God, and I don’t believe there is any way to find out.” About 23.4 percent of respondents to our survey, in other words, are either atheists or agnostics.
This 23.4% seems to be a far cry from the misleading number of 61% which is touted by Cameron. However, it is true that in the strict fields of Biology and Psychology, those numbers are accurate, but it is wildly misleading - like all good right-wing conspiracy theories. (The Biology professor is out to sort of not convert your kid to a religion they don't have!!!!) However, about belief in "God" or a concept of a "Higher Power," well...the results speak for themselves:
Nevertheless, atheists and agnostics are in the minority among professors as a whole. 19.6 percent of respondents to our survey agree with the statement, “I don’t believe in a personal God, but I do believe in a Higher Power of some kind.” More surprising, while only 4.4 percent of respondents agree with the statement, “I find myself believing in God some of the time, but not at others,” 16.9 percent are of the view that “while I have my doubts, I feel that I do believe in God,” and 35.7 percent of respondents say, “I know God really exists and I have no doubts about it.”

Now, I really suck at math, but my iPhone has a handy little calculator that lets me know that out of all the professors that were studied 76.6% of them either believe in God(dess), or at least have a concept of a higher power. I suppose that statistic wouldn't go well with Kirk's message that college professors are out to get your kids away from Christianity, though, would it. However, despite the facts from the study somebody probably read to him, he goes on to make this correlation between the religious beliefs of science teachers to a doubling in atheism in the last twenty years in the 19-25 year old demographic. It doesn't matter if this fact is true, the correlation doesn't match. Hell, it is pretty much standard course material in Philosophy to question the very idea of God, and to have students argue that there is no God come test time. Go after those professors!

After all this blather, Cameron details how a bunch of right-wing, Christian organizations are going to give out 50,000 copies of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin to students at top 50 universities, but with a special, one-time-only offer of a 50 page introduction telling how the book is complete bollocks and goes against God. Apparently, this will get all the future doctors, lawyers, and politicians of the world to believe Darwin was a satanic nincompoop who is still brainwashing your sweet, innocent babies over a hundred years after his death. (I suppose it is Darwin that makes all those college kids go wild...yes...Darwin is to blame. Damn him.)

This is a classic case of epic FAIL! I'm sorry, but my professors' religious ideology never made any impression on me whatsoever. I was in the very belt buckle of the Bible belt and still turned out believing very differently than 99% of my teachers. Their personal choices and practices make no bearing on me. Perhaps the reason for the explosion in atheism, agnosticism, or simply calling yourself "spiritual" (one of the top most-chosen categories on Facebook) is because of what we've been doing in the name of Christianity lately. You can do a quick Google search to find out that the same 19-25 year old demographic is also pro-gay marriage, against the war on terror, and pretty much wants a lot of the stuff the conservative guys are telling you is bad. And the reasoning behind a lot of right-wing beliefs is that God wants it that way. Maybe the younger generation is seeing something they don't like and are actively trying not to be that. Whatever that is. Maybe they're seeing that for the past 8 years the President and his staff actively waged war on science and civil rights and fact and replaced it with their belief in the Christian God. Maybe when Bush got reelected and claimed he had been given a mandate from God, and then proceeded to continue to run our country into the ground, the upcoming population said...hmm...not for me!

Maybe it's time that we stop shoving a particular religion down everybody's throat. Maybe we should stop blaming this God or that Goddess for all the ills in the world and start just owning up to some stuff. People might not be so against religion, especially Christianity, if we didn't blame everything on a holy book or a deity. If a politician is against stem cell research, then they should just say so. They don't need to go around convincing people it is the morally right way to vote, because that's what God wants. I don't want any God, Goddess, nature spirit, Higher Power, or whatever involved in my government, my school, or my job. And I definitely don't want people doing that job claiming they're working for the will of their respective deity. The divine has no place in government, just as we have no place in deciding what color to paint the leaves this autumn or when the first snow should fall and how deep it should be.

Kirk Cameron. FundieDouche. He continues to earn his title.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Hmmm. First post didn't work and it's always awkward trying to rewrite a thought. Remember that philosophy professor we had that was a Buddhist? Are either one of us Buddhist? Exactly. I wish these Fundies would put their Bibles down (or burn them) and read something REAL for a change, like something that's got a little bit of scientific evidence backing it. And to all you Fundies that like to distort statistics: Yes my professors are liberal. Yes my professors teach Darwin's Evolution. And, yes, they are RIGHT. Get over it. No one is shoving this crap down their throats, so they shouldn't be trying to shove their Fundie-ness down ours.

  2. Kirk Cameron. FundieDouche you are completly right Fire Lyte heis again earning his title. Most of my professors in college were totally Christian and would have been the first people to admit that. But they still taught Darwin's Theory of Evolution in a very scientific way. They did it without being preachey and I turned out just fine. Just a ramble from me.


  3. The sad thing is I used to like Kirk. Now I can't stand him. He is turned into one of those nutty Fundies.

  4. Sadly, I think a lot of people used to like him.

    Admittedly, it's hard not to. He's attractive, talented, and did I mention attractive? Oh well...

    Again, like I always say, it's their hell...they can burn in it.


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