Grocery Rituals and Dogmas

Today was grocery day at my house. Partner and I made a small list, and I went in search of food and food-related products at the great Grocery Overlords (Wal Mart). I love grocery shopping. I used to really hate it when I was younger, because there's only so many things you can stare at in the toy aisle. But, since I've been building my own household the past few years, I truly love it. I can honestly understand why it's so easy for women to become soccer moms. There's something so honest and enjoyable about doing these little rituals (see how I bring it back to the topic?).

There is definite beauty, of a certain kind, in selecting the best Roma tomato or in comparing the different brands of canned peas to get the best deal. Personally, I get a list, grab a buggy, and bliss out browsing the aisles of fruits, storage bins, bargain priced candles, kitchenware, and whatever happens to be on sale at the time. But then...the real treat is at the end of shopping. This is where the rituals of grocery shopping really occur.

Typically, grocery day occurs on the day when the pantry is running pretty low - except, lately, for the shelves of my freezer. So, I always treat myself to a Mountain Dew, as I hardly ever drink soda anymore, and a quick trip through a drive-thru fast food chain. It's like a reward for buying a bunch of healthy food.

On a slightly different note: Do you notice that there are some items that you continue to buy more of, because it really seems like a good idea? Or, you honestly believe that you need more of the item, but you just know that you have some at home? Why do we do this?! My thing is frozen chicken breasts and those bags of frozen vegetables that you can heat up in the microwave. Oh, and those wonderful boxes of quickly made scalloped potatoes. I NEVER COOK THIS STUFF! Yet, I have a freezer full of them, and a whole shelf devoted to potatoes. For the next week, I'm committing to eating this food.

Starting tomorrow.

What are your grocery stories?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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