On a Full Moon Rite

Tonight is a full moon, or, depending on your exact location, it was last night. Either way, it is a time of abundance, of beauty, and of the Goddess. Many people perform all sorts of rituals at this time, both as solitaries and as covens, but, as always, my personal practices are quite simple. Tonight, in all likelihood, I will grab an available candle, light it, go outside, and say a simple prayer.

Sometimes, I have specific things that I pray for after I am done with this Full Moon prayer, but most of the time it's just this one. I thought I'd post it here and see if anybody else liked it.

The big question of the day is: What do YOU do on the Full Moon? What are your practices, big or little?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

To Honor the Goddess at the Full Moon

You who are maiden, mother, and crone
You who bless the mind, the hearth, and home
You who give life and inspire the wise
You who are the secret and immeasurable prize

I pray for protection; I pray for peace
I pray for love that will never cease
I pray for redemption; I pray for sight
I pray to see beauty in the darkest night

Soul of nature, I praise You for giving
a world to me that is thriving and living
By Flame, by Wind, by Water, by Stone
I praise You who are Maiden, Mother, and Crone


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