Paranormal Activity and Ouija Boards

Partner and I - and 9,000 other people - went to go see the movie Paranormal Activity last night. I was not feeling well, as last night was the third night of this cold thing that I've come down with, but I enjoyed the film. There were perhaps 2 times when I had to put my hand on Partner's forearm, but overall I thought it was a really enjoyable film. The rest of the auditorium spent a vast amount of the movie screaming and cowering into their neighbor's arm.

If you haven't seen the movie, I can honestly recommend this as a genuinely creepy, well-researched film about a demonic possession. The creator of the film spent at least a year researching ghosts, demonology, and the supernatural in general in order to create a realistic film. He did a great job, as I could see 95%-98% of the movie as quite plausible. (Except for the ending shown in theaters. Perhaps one of the other endings would push that towards the 100% mark.) Of course, one of the points brought up in any possession movie worth its salt is the idiot guy who just needs to have a conversation with the spirit/entity - this is after door slammings, footprints found on the floor, and a strange picture found in the attic. What does he use? A Ouija board, of course!

I would now like to share a few notes on Ouija boards that have all come from my personal experience or research. I actually own a Ouija board, and I have no qualms about using it on an appropriately spooky occasion with interested friends. It's not a form of divination or spirit contact that I use on a regular basis, but I feel a lot of the myths surrounding this talking board need to be addressed:
  1. A Ouija board, like any divinatory tool, does NOT have any intrinsic powers. It needs a user to give power to the working, just like Tarot cards or Runes. The planchette (pointer) isn't moving around on it's own in the box.
  2. The boards are NOT a gateway or an open door to the spirit world, the world of demons, or any other plane of existence. Again, it is only a tool of divination and spirit contact.
  3. A Ouija board IS a simple cardboard board with a printed piece of paper glued to it manufactured by Milton Bradley. Like anything else, it is your belief and energy that gives and credence or power to the process of communication.
  4. Spirit boards do NOT always work! Because of the other three points, it should be stressed that every time you sit down to the board may not result in an actual contact experience. Just like when doing any other divinatory reading, you may not get that strong connection you hope for.
So, please people, stop freaking out about Ouija boards. Stop telling people how evil they are. It has been my experience that the only time you're going to talk to someone is if you gather with a few friends and firmly call out to that person. Doing this, my friends and I have had a lot of really positive experiences that left a lot of us with a sense of peace. A few guidelines:
  1. I would only ever invite spirits into my home after preparing a protective circle. Set this up however you want, but I do 4 candles with corresponding elemental objects or stones.
  2. Each of us has one person we contact. We make a list of the individuals we want to contact along with physical descriptions of each, and then that loved one calls out to the person on the other side. So, if I wanted to specifically talk to my paternal great-grandmother I would tell everyone I wanted to contact (her full name), provide as close to a physical description of her as possible (so everyone can get a good visualization), and then simply ask her to join us.
  3. If and when a spirit begins to get hostile, or an uninvited spirit pops in, we immediately join hands and explicitly tell that entity to leave and that they are completely unwelcome. This puts up an immediate wall against the spirit and forces it back to where it came from. And, with a circle in place, the entity cannot go anywhere else, so it must be forced back.
  4. Always always always purify and cleanse your house afterwards, and be careful before you take your circle down. I usually have a small spell that I say to open a portal to summon spirits and another spell to close the gateway. Then I burn either white sage, frankincense, sweet grass, or a combination of all three (depending on the experience) to cleanse the area. I take the circle down by blowing the candles out and then proceed to use the incense throughout the house...just to be safe.
Following a few simple guidelines and rules can lead to a really fun, spooky, interesting, and safe Ouija board experience. The risks are the same with any magical/meditative practice. But, if you're careful, and don't just dabble without sound research, you can have a lot of fun! Enjoy, and let me know how it goes!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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