Boys in Balloons, Beauty Queen Tantrums, and Spiritual Dog Walks

I'm pretty sure everyone loves a good hoax. To me, they're in the same vein as haunted houses. Once you fully get that it was all a prank you can laugh at how worked up you got, and you've now got a really good story to tell. The best hoaxes are typically played on April Fool's Day (such as the Spaghetti Harvest or when Alabama changed the value of Pi). Except when it involves a young boy, a weather balloon, and thousands of dollars worth of taxpayer money.

Balloon Boy! (aka Falcon Heene) If you've been living under a rock, then you don't know that the Heene family are absolutely desperate to become some sort of famous reality stars and were hoping to garner enough fame to snowball into a reality show of their very own by pretending their son, Falcon, had been trapped in a homemade weather balloon that flew 40 miles away. The boy was found sitting in the rafters of their garage, which was only possible to do if an adult put him there. Furthermore, he outed the parents on CNN when he said, "I thought we did this for the show." It seems the Heene's will not be escaping the long arm of the law, that is pretty freaking pissed at having wasted all of that time and resources to increase their fame, as Daddy Heene just plead guilty to influencing a public servant and Mommy Heene plead guilty to false reporting to authorities. (a felony and a misdemeanor, respectively) Originally, they were going to be charged with crimes whose sentences could have landed them in jail up to 6 years - contributing to the delinquency of a minor, etc.

Thank God!

I'm so glad these famewhoring idiots didn't try to fight this. There was no excuse for what they did, and they should definitely have to pay for that ridiculous stunt. Unfortunately, all they're getting is probation. Maybe Scott Roeder should take a cue from the Heene's and not even try to fight the system.

In funnier news: Miss I Hate Gays USA Carrie Prejean stormed out of Larry King last night, because, she says, he was being asking her questions....about the reason she was there. :::eye roll::: I'm sorry, but doesn't this girl realize how to remain famous? Video below.

I'm kind of hoping that Carrie Prejean is a hoax as well. 

I'm going to take my dog for a walk (as soon as I go exchange her coat at Old Navy for the proper size...yes I buy my dog clothes). This is one of the most spiritual times of my day. The weather isn't alway nice enough to walk a dog here in the arctic north, but today the sun is out and the wind isn't so bad. This is my meditation time. This is where I connect to the divine. Some of my most profound Ah Ha! moments have come from these dog walks. Oddly enough, one of my few transcendental experiences happened a few weeks ago on this dog walk.

Now, mind you, this is the kind of thing that I'm really skeptical about when other people say it, but I was listening to the Kellianna song I Walk With the Goddess, singing along, and suddenly I was part of the wind and sunshine. There's really no other way to say it. A great wind swelled up behind me, and I felt as though something were about to happen, so I put out my arms and just let it. And for a moment that lasted an eternity...I was the wind. I was sunshine. I was not in my legs or my arms, but it was just for a moment...that was utterly eternal.

Head out there with your pooch. I'm not saying that every outing will end up in flying with the breeze, but it's a great way to find some meditation time.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. What a freakin' child! She is the worst thing to happen to news media since the 2 week coverage of Michael Jackson's death! Oh, and I love how she is now the spokesperson for young Christian girls everywhere (unofficially), yet a quick search on Google images brings up lots of boobage and skimpy panties. Oh, and Sean Hannity just LOVES her. He would probably trade her for sliced bread. So, she can pose nearly nude (with nipplage, mind you) and admitted to having a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend, but since she is against same-sex marriage the conservatives can't get enough. Unbelievable. And now a book? I bet it's one long, run-on sentence with spelling errors everywhere. What a ditz.

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