Episode 5: Inciting A Revealing Riot

Episode 5 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast!!! Today deals with tough-to-swallow history concerning the modern evolution of paganism as created by a woman named Margaret Murray.

The news articles deal with a recent article published on the Wild Hunt concerning Christian license plates and American Big Business fighting to keep slavery alive.

The word of the day is "perspicuous."

The poem is "Picking."

In the main topic we look at Margaret Murray and how she helped to ingrain the incorrect theories of the Burning Times, the Old Religion, and a host of other supposed pagan history into pop culture.

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Promos played: Valley Witches, Ariel's Druidic Craft of the Wise, and Geek Witch.

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  1. hehehe.... FEITHLINE (freaking) STUART JUST SAID SHE LIKED MY PODCAST!!!!!!

    I feel like Oprah just gave me an autograph and a new car. Ok...maybe not a new car, but definitely the autograph!



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