Episode 6: Inciting A Sexy Riot

Episode 6 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast! Today's riot is a sexy one as my guest co-host, Lacy Eylar, and I talk about sex in society, sex in paganism, sex in the news, and sex in poetry.

The news articles concern Shaniya Davis, a 5-year-old girl sold as a sex slave, and the magazine Sex, etc. in public libraries.

The word of the day is "pedantic."

The social issue is Sex!

The poem is "Water. Babies."

In the spirituality segment, we look at sex in paganism and whether it's just being used as an excuse to have orgies in the woods.

Check out Lacy Eylar's blog at LacyEylar.blogspot.com!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

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  1. Excellent podcast,once again! My mom was one of those that never spoke of anything remotely hinting at "sex" mostly because that was the way she was raised (catholic, for generations I might add) but I have raised my children in a totally different atmosphere,and I hope, that I have broken that "unmentionable" stigma that sex carries. I wanted my children to grow up acknowledging that sex is natural and enjoying it is nothing to keep hush hush about. Thank you for bring up this subject, I wish more people would speak about it!

  2. That's why I did this show. Other pagan podcasters may discuss the sex around the firepits or some other aspect of this discussion, but as far as its necessity...I've not really heard anyone discuss that facet of the discussion. I wanted people to wake up and see: ok... If I'm truly wanting to be a neo-pagan, to reconstruct the ideals and practices of peoples past and put them in a modern context, then we need to understand that the physical act of sex - like so many other rites - is utterly unnecessary. It is an indulgence now instead of a raising of true energy dedicated to the Gods. Or, at least, it is an indulgence in most instances. In our research for the show, Lacy and I found several ads for pagan events, one even depicting where and how the leather play tent would be set up so that people could go have sex in the sling. Now, I'm sorry, but if you have time to plan for leather play and a sling...then you didn't go out into nature to give back energy to the fertility of the earth. You went out to have sex with a bunch of people and you called it religion.

    It's a subject I'll be digging deeper into in later episodes, but I wanted to start the discussion today. I hope it came through clearly, because we were pressed for time with such a big subject.



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