Feedback! Gimme Some!

Hey everyone! I'm getting ready for a big show for Episode 6. My guest and I will be recording the show this Tuesday, so you only have a few more days to wait!

I wanted to go ahead and get some feedback, just so I make sure to cover all aspects of this topic you'd like to hear. What is the topic? Gosh, you're so ahead of the curve! SEX! Yep, dirty, stinky, sweaty sex. That's what we'll be rioting about come this next Tuesday. We're going to be talking about sex in the news, sex in society, and sex in paganism. The big points I'll definitely be talking about in the main topic are:

  • Why is sex in paganism?
  • What is its functional purpose, if any, in ritual?
  • What are the rules governing sex in covens, groups, and craft?
  • Pagan festivals and the dirty stuff that goes on around the firepits. 
  • What about sex should and shouldn't we share with our children, and at what age?
If you have anything to add to this discussion, or you'd like to suggest a different angle, write me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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