Fox News says it's not NEWS!

I wish I could take credit for bringing this to you first, but if you're a fan at all of Jon Stewart - which you should be - then you've already seen this video. It's 11 minutes long, so hang tight. Basically, the gist is that in a recent statement made by Fox News execs on Fox News programming stated that out of the 24 hours a day of scheduled shows, only 9 hours of it is devoted to reporting actual news. Which means that roughly 63% of their programming is not considered news. All of their biggest drawing shows - Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Greta Van Susteren, etc. - are NOT news. (Claim Fox) So, if the majority of their programming isn't news, and that's what the White House is saying is true, then what is Fox News griping about?

They say that their news programming hours run from 9am-4pm and from 6pm-8pm. That's it. All those other shows, according to Fox, are NOT NEWS!!!!!! You heard it from the horse's err... fox's mouth. (pardon the pun) For the rest, please watch the hilarious video, found below.

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